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      movistar_u7d.py & movistar_epg.py: expose new vod only m3u playlist · 03a564a1
      Javier Marcet authored
      for local recordings when the env var RECORDINGS is defined with the
      local folder where recordings done by this backend should be stored
      and now the folder whose content will be offered indexed in both
      /recordings.m3u & /grabaciones.m3u endpoints.
      Hence, even if the timers feature for automatic recordings of programs
      is not used, just by defining RECORDINGS, its movies (files which end
      in ay of ['.avi', '.mkv', '.mp4', '.mpeg', '.mpg', '.ts']), the m3u
      will be updated every 5 minutes. All  entries include a logo if one is
      found and content is grouped by folders, hence tv series.
      This works amazingly well with TiviMate, adding a new vod only provider,
      i.e. with no live channels. Content shows up in the Movies tab, with
      all the groups being really easy to access. All in all, it works really
      really well.
      Curious thing was TiviMate, thus Android's ExoPlayer, plays streams
      as Chrome do, i.e., to be able to seek/forward the video, the server
      needs to offer Content-Rage support, which turned up really simple to
      implement, and it performs as well as nginx itself, if not better, I
      haven't measured it, it barealy consumes any cpu and it is really low
      The only caveat with respecto to TiviMate is it does not show dvbsubs
      when played from this vod m3u, unlike everywhere else, where they are
      shown just fine.
      Signed-off-by: Javier Marcet's avatarJavier Marcet <javier@marcet.info>
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      movistar_u7d.py, movistar_epg.py & grafana-dashboard.json: · 061a16d8
      Javier Marcet authored
       - Since prometheus metrics are severely limited when working in
       multiprocess mode, move the registry to our state backend, and push
       events to it, proxying back export metrics. This way we get a live
       view of streaming clients, ordered visually by their initial latency
       and where we can see the channel, the client ip, the exact url for
       catchup streams, as well as the start and end times.
       - Far from impacting the measured latencies, thanks to pushing
       events with asyncio.create_task() and moving logging to the epg
       backend, I've seen catchup streams opened in as low as 281ms.
      Signed-off-by: Javier Marcet's avatarJavier Marcet <javier@marcet.info>
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